Cast and Mounted Hadrosaur Skull (2008 Archives)

Cast and Mounted Hadrosaur Skull

The original skull was sold at auction Sunday, January 20, 2008 for $95,360.  See below for more details.

Skull available as half cast for wall mounting $750
Or available as full cast $1500 Plus Shipping
Plus shipping and handling
Call (806)675-7777

Interesting things about it:

Size: 39 long, 16 in. wide, 20 In tall.

T-Rex bites and gashes on lower jaws and top of skull,
even into its eye socket!

Hadrosaurs were plant eaters.
This animal with its teeth and complex skull show that animals of the past were not “simple” and “primitive.” Looking at this huge incredible animal, any idea that animals are getting bigger and more complex seems ridiculous.
It is a marvelous wonder of God’s Creation.


In 2006 Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum completed it’s restoration of the original Hadrosaur skull for Steve Hendrickson.  This skull (shown at right and below) was placed for sale with Heritage Auction Galleries and on January 20, 2008 it sold for a floor bid of $80,000 plus the buyer’s premium raising the final price to $96,350 for this excellent specimen.

From Montana Hell Creek formation


Discovered by Scott Taylor
Mounted and restored by Mt. Blanco staff.
Metal work by Stan Lutz

It’s huge, one of the largest found.
Plus, it has approximately 2,000 teeth
all still in its head! 

See Heritage Auction Info Here

Article and photos copyright Mt. Blanco, originally published 2008.  Re-posted August 2015

*Mt. Blanco Archives: Because of the many changes since Mt. Blanco opened in 1998, we are re-posting many of the old updates, articles, etc. that were originally on our website.  Some of the information may be out of date, but each of our archived articles are an important part of Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum’s history.

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