Don Yaeger Memorial (2007 Archive)

DON-YEAGER-MEMORIALMt.Blanco Fossil Excavation team sadly laments the death of our great friend, Don Yaeger. He was born May 17, 1938 and passed away March 26, 2007 Don Yaeger has been my main digging partner since1995. We opened up the first excavations for Dr. Carl Baugh then and have dug in parts all over the country. He loved the Word of God more than anything. His reason for gathering fossil evidence was for the Glory of God. This quest has taken us from Colorado to Utah, Texas, Indiana, Montana, North Dakota. Mammoths, after dinosaurs, human tracks, dino tracks and many other things which have made up a long list.

Don always thought of others before himself. He was a Christian. And at every dig he brought a series of tapes or books about some Biblical subject he was studying. He passed out many Bibles and prayed for the salvation of anyone who knew not Christ. He was always gentle and kind about it. Don was kind to everyone whom he knew. And he really took their troubles to heart.

Don Loved his wife and daughters, He loved his grandkids. He always told about how they were. At the end of every dig Don was mostly ready to see his wife. He missed his wife on our digs. He never spoke ill of her and she was his partner in life.

He loved to find and excavate fossils. But more than that he loved to tell what the evidences we uncovered meant in vindicating the Bible.

He was a mechanical genius and we really depended on Don to keep all the equipment running in the extreme weather we faced. Don was an inventor and his German heritage meant that whatever he did was done right. He was dependable. He worked at Los Alamos Space center and for such companies as ARCO Oil. Some of his drilling inventions survived Katrina when all others failed. It was a pleasure to finally meet his famous father, Joe Yaeger who was the machinist on the Atom bomb. He worked directly with Teller, Oppenheimer and Einstein when Don was just a small boy.

He will be missed by his family a host of friends his lovely wife Benetta his daughters and great grandchildren. He loved all of you and prayed never, ceasing for you.

And he will certainly greatly be missed by me.

Joe Taylor

Article and photos copyright Mt. Blanco, originally published 2007.  Re-posted August 2015

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