Fish Tails . . . Why So many?! – June 2015 Newsletter

Fish Tails . . . why so many?!

Archived Mt. Blanco Email Update
June 2015


4b76b1f9-a44c-42a5-ab9a-2323e0ff77b3Our May 2015 Kansas Dig

These fossil sea beds rendered the usual fishy suspects – fish parts.
Aside from a very large, almost complete fish (including about 60 vertebrae. most of the tail, and parts of the head) , measuring 56 inches long, probably one of the Xiphactinids,perhaps Ichthyodactides, we noticed that all the other finds were just tail sections of fish, consisting of a dozen or so vertebrae and the tail fins.

Mt. Blanco Museum curator, Joe Taylor speculated that perhaps these fish had been killed by larger fish which only consumed the body of the fish, but not their bony tails. Of course, we all know this is a small sample, but this has been true of our two previous digs in this area.

During the global flood of Noah, animals in the sea were dying and being killed, just like today, but unlike today, a fish that dies in the ocean will be completely devoured or disintegrated by the movement of the waters.  However, in these fossil beds, parts of fish as well as whole fish are found buried in the same sediments, giving evidence to the rapid, catastrophic effects of Noah’ flood.

During the flood the fountain of the great deep broke up, bringing vast amounts of sediments into the oceans. The windows of heaven also opened up, which may have decompressed the atmosphere, causing all of the lime and debris in the waters to turn to stone, rapidly burying whole or partial animals, just like we find in the chalky sediments of Kansas.


Pictures of the team working on the big fish fossil – our best find this year.  This fossil was first discovered by young Ben (in the light-blue jacket) who later showed it Sara Bruegel of Mt. Blanco, as seen in the top left photo.  Photos Copyright Sara J. Bruegel, 2015


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L-R: Joe Taylor, David Rives, and Sara Bruegel
L-R: Joe Taylor, David Rives, and Sara Bruegel


Watch Joe Taylor and Sara Bruegel talk about what it’s like working inside a paleontology lab in this video archive of TBN’s “Creation in the 21st Century” show with David Rives.
David joined our team on the Kansas dig this year as well as last year, discussing the 2014 dig on this episode and others.




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