DALLAS, TX – MAY 26-28 2017 – ALIEN EXPO, where nuts, kooks, and weirdos mix with serious researchers!

Alien-Expo Dallas

… Then add JOE TAYLOR to the mix. 

Joe was invited because of his background in paleontology and geology.

He says, “I have been wanting to speak to this crowd and explain how an understanding of geology and paleontology affects the age you give archeological artifacts and how it relates to the UFO phenomenon.  I have noticed that many of these researchers are not aware of Noah’s Flood and what it did to the earth and how it affected nuclear and radio carbon dating.

Alien Expo wanted Joe to bring his expertise to the conference on giant humans chupacabras, the long headed Peruvians, the Star Child, and fossil animals from all over the world.  He will have some fascinating fossils on display!








https://www.alienexpodallas.com/joe-taylor  (Joe’s Guest Page)


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