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Fossil Facts and Fantasies is back in Print!

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Mt. Blanco Fossil Co
P.O. Box 550
Texas  79322
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Open by appointment only. Please call to schedule.

Tel. 806-675-7777
Fax. 806-675-2421


Welcome to Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum
Digging up the facts of God's Creation: One fossil at a time.
Call for more information.


WATCHERS 6 preview now available!  Check it out at...   WATCHERS 6


Strange Things In Peru!

Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum is now offering casts of a very strange and ancient skull that Joe Taylor molded in Parachas, Peru, in January of 2013, as seen on WATCHERS 6

The cast of this strange skull, known as Chamacho #18, is $250 on stand, plus shipping. Colored like original.

Click here for more information about this exciting discovery!


$39.00 Plus $3.00 Shipping



New from Mt. Blanco Fossil News.....

You can now purchase ALL of the 2011 -2012 magazines as one bound magazine!!

$39 plus s/h





The Chupacabra is still here!!! Stop by and check him out!!

Regarding the controversial Ft. Worth Star Telegram article about the Chupacabra.


Long Hair
 by Joe Taylor. $10.00 including shipping. Order a dozen for $90 and save.


Bone Digger by Whitney Yules, now available... 


  Mt. Blanco Fossil News and Journal of Omniology
US subscriptions: $40 for SIX Bimonthly issues!!!!!

Single issues also available for $8.00 each plus $1.56 s/h

    Cast For Sale
Clute Mammoth Wooden Bowl
Cast of Ice Age bowl found with the Clute Mammoth $65.00+shipping

Fossils Facts and Fantasies is back in print and available for order online. 



New Arrival...The 16 Ancestors of all Mankind by Harold Hunt


  News Fossil News, Reports & Editorials Archives
Read all of our current (2009) and past (2001-2008) archives here.
    Recent News:
   ICA Stones News
Joe Taylor traveled to Peru and investigated the original ICA burial stones showing humans and dinosaurs together.  Joe is preparing a Powerpoint presentation on his findings.  Call (806)675-7777 or (806)675-2421 to schedule a presentation.

  Catalog Fossil Catalog
We sell reproductions of over 300 fossils.  We also sell real fossils, and can help you find almost any cast.
  About Us About Mt. Blanco
We are a working museum.  We dig a lot and restore a lot of fossils from other groups and individuals.  We do research and are involved in a variety of productions.
  Tour Tour the Mt. Blanco Museum
Museum Director Joe Taylor gives guided lecture tours of the facility.  He talks about the displays from local fossil beds as well as artifacts from around the world. Visitors may purchase replicates of actual fossils they see in the museum.

Q & A