T-REX SKIN (2001 Archive)


T-REX SKIN – First ever!!

Press Release Dec.14, 2001

Joe Taylor of the Mt.  Blanco Fossil museum in Crosbyton, Texas was recently contacted by a fellow paleontologist with astonishing news.  They had found a section of T-rex skin!

“What does it look like?”‘. he asked.

‘Like a plucked chicken”‘… with possible chameleon characteristics”. “Oh man”, Taylor laughed, “the dino-to-bird guys will go crazy”.

Taylor was asked what he thought it was worth.

“Well,…a half million dollars was offered for a piece of skin (from another kind of dinosaur) a few years ago.  I think T-rex skin would go for at least a million…”

Taylor said that at least two major paleontologists are now studying the six-inch square piece of skin.  At the time that he was called, no news release had been done on it.

“I was told more about it,, than I’m saying, but I’ll wait to say anything more”.  It is for sale and anyone interested can contact Joe Taylor at his fossil museum in Crosbyton, Texas.

Joe mentioned that another fossil collector, Scott Taylor, called him late this summer to report that he had found two duckbilled dinosaurs and that both of them still had parts of their skin as well.

“What does it all mean?” he was asked,

“What it means”, Taylor says smiling, “is that this skin and these other finds make it harder and harder for people to believe these animals have laid in the ground for millions of years.  We just had a story published in a scientific journal about a piece of T-rex bone we recently had electron scanned.  The professor doing the work was amazed when he found Collagen filaments in it.  It can’t be millions of years old”, the professor said.

Copyright Mt. Blanco, originally published 2001.  Re-posted 2015

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