OPEN AGAIN! Mt. Blanco Museum Grand Re-Opening September 5th-9th, 2022

Texas Mastodon Skull with 4(four) tusks!

Mt. Blanco Museum is open again from being closed 2 years by covid and weather damage. Our Grand re-opening is Labor Day September 5-9, 2022. 124 West Main St. Crosbyton, TX 79322. 

There is probably not another museum that displays one hundred tracks of fossil animals or two real unicorn skulls, one from China, one from Amarillo, Texas. But they are here at Mt Blanco.

How can Oklahoma sandstone that is supposed to be 300 million years old have modern-looking plumbing pipe fittings in it?! Either ancient salamanders were plumbers — or 300 million years is a figment of the imagination. We have casts taken directly from the  objects in the rock.

If layers of sandstone in the fossil beds took millions of years to form, how is it that the Slick Rock formation in Colorado can have three dinosaurs run across hundreds of these layers when they were soft? Maybe they didn’t take but a few minutes to form. We have a cast made directly from the rock.

How can things be getting bigger and more complex like “scientists” have been saying for 150 years, when fossil mastodons in Texas and Florida had FOUR tusks instead of TWO? Maybe the fossil record is right and the scientists wrong.

Want to see how tall a giant man was? Our sculpted giant femur is world famous. Get a copy of our book GIANTS AGAINST EVOLUTION. It’s all in there as well as the news accounts of the 12 ft tall man at Post, Texas and the 18 ft. man at Seymour, Texas.

Those are just a few things you’ll see at the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum. Join us for the Grand Opening, enjoy a coffee and the best pastries in the world made right over there in Ralls, Texas.

 Want a tour? Contact us at: 806-675-7777, or email to:

Four Tusk Black Mastodon Skull
Unicorn from China
Objects in stone, Mammoth tusk below
Dino tracks through different layers when wet.
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