“It’s Been Strange Bein’ Here on Erth” Book

“It’s Been Strange Bein’ Here on Erth” – Biographical book by Joe Taylor

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Strange bookA collection of stories on Joe Taylor’s very diverse life experiences.

Topics covered include:

  • Life as a farm boy
  • Corvette freak
  • Rockstars
  • Hippies
  • Jesus freaks
  • Hollywood crazies
  • Satanists
  • Politicians
  • Paleontologists
  • Beautiful women
  • Army
  • Cops
  • Impersonation
  • Native Americans
  • Gays
  • Kids who adopted Joe
  • Hell’s Angels
  • Rosi Crucians
  • Primitive Baptists

Who else invites the whole football team to a fist-fight, pretends to be blind, the strange husband of A-list author’s wives , who ends up bailing one of the Beetles’ girlfriends out of jail and is asked to babysit one of their nephews?!  It really happened, ma’am – it’s all true!

A journalist who’s also a Jewish-Christian Baptist preacher  said “love your book, man!”

You or someone you know may be in this book.
Below is an alphabetic list of people who are mentioned in “It’s Ben Strange Bein’ Here on Erth”

Adam hitchhiker
Albert Einstein
Albert Pike, Morals & Dogma
Ambrosia, the band
American Academy of Dramatic Arts
Amy (Munson) Hess
Anna (Crowson)
Anne (Haynes)
Ark Records
Army, This Man’s Army
Arthur Blessit
Asleep At The Wheel, band
Back Pocket, band
Barbara Sigel, actress
Barry Wood, pastor
Baylor Baptist University
B.B. King
Beverly Hills
Berkley University commies
Big Black gay man
Big 4 Community
Bill Wyman, the Stones bassist
Billy Graham
Black Fashion model
Black guy at Denver Hilton
Bob Dylan
Bob Trogman
Boxcar Annie
Brian Pardo
Brother Bill Barlow, actor
Bucky Wiener, musician
B.W. Stevenson
Calvin Brints
Carl Baugh, Ph.D.
Carl Lynn Jackson

Carol Griffin
Carolyn (Coyer) Fox
Cathedral of Satan, L.A
Caylee Peck
Celeste Suzany
Charlie E. Wright
Cheryl Davies
Chinese crazy man
Chip Carpenter
Church of Christ Crosbyton, Texas
Coleta Sue Wright (Mitchell)
Congressman George Mahon, D
Corvettes, 1957
Craig Curtis actor, film producer
Crosbyton, Texas
David Di Sabatini, film maker
Days Of Our Lives, actor
Dean Kenion, musicain
Debbie Boon’s piano player
Delores and Stephen Walker
Dennis Taylor, Elder
Dianna (Mickich) Rhoades
Dianna Ross
Don Henley of the Eagles
Don Juan
Donald Neff
Don Martin
Dragons’ Grave, WYO
Drew Gowan
Dr. Pepper
Earl Cheek
Elder Britain
Feodor Shidlovski
First Baptist Church Beverly Hills L.A.
Floydada Primitive Baptist Church
Four Winds Club, NYC
Frank Zappa’s sister-in-law Sherry
Gary Bentley
Gay dancer, Disney
George Hamilton the IV & wife
George Martin and Derick Taylor
George Murphy, actor
Gordon Koch
Grandmother McClure
Greek Orthodox Church
Green Beret
Greenwich Village, NYC
Guernseys’ auction
Hack a Saw Indians
Heaven and Hell
Hell’s Angels, L.A.
Hell’s Angels, NYC
Iron Maiden, band
Janet (Rowland)
Jaxon Martin
Jean Shrimpton, the model
Jennifer Dawn (Williams) Martinez
Jacob’s Well, the play
James Lewis, Black WW II pilot
Jamie Peck
Jane Asher, Paul McCartney girlfriend
Jesus Freaks
Jesus Movement
Jillian Peck
Jim Griffith, lawyer
Jimmy Hendrix
Joe Cocker, the singer
Joe Lopez
Joe South, the singer
Joel Peck
John Taylor
Jordan Hall
Kathy (Peck)
K.B. Martin, Elder
Kelly (Pierson) Dunphy
Ken Gullickson, preacher
Kenneth Brixey
Kerri (Wickersham) Lowrie
Kevin Pierson
Kill Johnson Now!!!!!
Kimberly (Haynes) Costello
La Coste ranch
L.A. Police & L.A. Sheriffs
Larry Norman, singer
Larry Patterson, pastor
Laurie Stromer
Let It Be
Little old lady hitchhikers
Little Oscar the rodeo bull
Little People
M.A. Powell
March on the Pentagon
Marianne Gowan
Mary Bass
Masonic Lodge
McClure kinfolks
Mc Kenzie Phillips
Michael of Warren Happy Days
Mike & J.J. Triebold
Morris Knight, gay leader
Mt. Blanco, Texas
Music Plus
Nancy Marshall
NASA people
Nazi Landlord
Pam (Norman) Newman
Pandora’s Box
Pat Lally
Patrick Ceo
Peaches Records
Peter Max
Primal Scream!
Primitive Baptists
Rainbow Bar & Grill, L.A.
Ralls, Texas
Randy Stonehill, singer
Ray Hawkins, Hell’s angel
Red Raiders Marching band
Rhudy Stewart
Richard and Michael Wurmbrandt
Right On Newspaper
Rockefeller and Viet Kong
Robert aka Bob Friedman
Robert Bybee, Officer
Ronnie Stewart
Samantha the witch
Sarah (Finch) (Norman), Stonehill
Sam Rapp
Senator John Tower, R
Seventh Day Adventists
Sir Douglas Quintet, band
Smilin’ Bum, NYC
Solid Rock
Steve and Diane
Taylor kinfolks
Terri (Ketchum) Reiser
Texas Tech University
The Beatles
The Christian Band
The Family of Mann, band
The Fearful Shane, Hells angel
The Mamas & Pappas, band
The Rolling Stones
The Who, band
Tim Griffin
Tom Taylor
Tony Ceo
Travlin’ Travis, the cowboy
Tuskegee Airmen
Tyrannosaurs Rex, Baatar
Viet Nam
West Texas Association
Whitey the cat
Willa Koch

$19.77 plus $5.00 shipping

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