Grand Re-Opening September 5th-9th, 2022

A cast of the Burning Tree Mastodon

Grand Re-Opening, September 5th-9th, 2022

After being closed for two years due to the effects of the coronavirus and a flood inside our building, the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum will be officially re-opening September the 5th, 2022.

Several new displays will be available for viewing, the Farmersville Tylosaur, the Missouri Mystery Rock, “wagon tracks” in limestone, manmade objects in stone, and others.

Other displays include, The Burning Tree Mastodon, The Plymouth Mastodon, The Lone Star mastodon, two real skulls of the Biblical unicorn (one horned rhino), The Taylor trail from Glen Rose Tx that is over 55 ft long, the giant crocodiles, and many others.

Join our special guest for free coffee and find out about their exciting work. Harriette McFeeley, The Big Foot Lady, will be avail to discuss her incredible torn flags — did Big Foot do it? Max McNabb, editor for the online Hill Country News Magazine will be here to discuss journalism, and his new fascinating novel about the last Apaches. He is working on a new video series about some of the strange things that have happened here in Texas. In addition to our guests, Joe Taylor will be giving lectures on Monday the 5th, Tuesday the 6th, and Thursday the 8th. Bryce Robertson, Joe Taylor’s assistant, will be available to explain radiometric dating and the problems associated with those processes to anyone interested.

Come to the grand reopening Labor Day, week Sept. 5-9, 2022. Join us at The Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum, 124 West Main Street, Crosbyton, Texas 79322. 806-675-7777, *park on north side of the museum.

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