Q. Is the giant human femur (leg bone) real?

A. It is a sculpture based off a written report – not the actual bone.  Find a more detailed explanation behind this display by clicking here


Q. Is Mt. Blanco on social media?

A. Yes!  Please follow @mtblancofossil on Twitter and like Mt. Blanco Fossil Musuem on Facebook


Q. Is the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum Open Saturdays?

A. Sometimes–if we know someone is coming, we can arrange to be there. Call (806) 675-7777


Q. Is the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum open on Sunday?

A. Sometimes, but only after 2:00 PM. Call (806) 675-7777


Q. I have a fossil. Can you look at it?

A. Yes, bring it in. If Joe Taylor (museum director) isn’t here, leave it. We’ll put it in a file, write down any information you have on it, with your name, address and phone. When Joe returns, he’ll write up his examination of it and let you know. You can come and get it any time we are open.


Q. Who would own our fossils?

A. You own them, unless we make some arrangement for our museum, to acquire or purchase them.


Q. Are the fossils seen in the museum real?

A. Some are actual fossils, others are casts.


Q. How is the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum funded?

A. We are self-funded by sales of casts, fossils, and restoration; also by molding jobs. We also have our own digs and manage digs for others. We are not 501C-3.

If you would like to make a donation to a 501C-3 organization that actively supports fossil research and restoration – we would be glad to provide you with a list of the ones that we know of and work with.


Q. Is Mt Blanco Fossil Museum a religious organization?

A. We are a science museum, showing facts and data about the actual fossils in the museum. We believe that evolution is an old-fashioned theory not substantiated by facts, and that what the Bible says is more scientifically accurate. Our museum shows that there was a worldwide flood only a few thousand years ago.  We show that most species are not getting more complex or larger.  There are also numerous specimens that show most fossils were buried rapidly.


Q. Do you think Noah took dinosaurs on the ark?

A. Absolutely. We can show you why.


Q. Is Mt Blanco Fossil Museum set up for handicapped access?

A. We are still working on our building to improve access. The rear entrance is the best access for handicapped persons right now. Our new restroom facilities are handicapped accessible.


Q. Do you give lectures?

A. Yes. We can seat 100 or more.


Q. Can we come after 5:00 p.m.?

A. Yes, if arrangements are made.
Q. Can we have our organization meeting there?

A. Yes.


Q. What is the cost to meet there?

A. The museum building can be rented for $50.00 per evening. You provide refreshments, if you like


Q. Does Mt. Blanco provide dig opportunities for amateur fossil hunters?

A. Yes, contact us or go to Events.  Call or e-mail us.


Q. How can I keep up with the latest Mt. Blanco projects, news, and activities?

A. By signing up for our “Mt. Blanco Monthly” e-mail newsletter.  Use the form below to sign up and find archived issues here



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