Dinosaur Eaten By Dog! (2006 archives)


Did you see the story a few months ago about a fossil dog-like animal found in China that had the remains of a baby dinosaur, a Psittacosaurus, inside its stomach contents?! Its true.


Mt. Blanco Museum was privileged, recently, to re-restore and mount one of these very interesting little dinosaurs.  See the previous story here.


Stan Lutz did a very nice job on welding the frame for all this animal’s tiny bones.


THEY’RE FOR SALE. If anyone is interested, Mt. Blanco can provide you with a re-restored and mounted specimen of one of these amazing animals for around $10,000. Our mounts have movable heads and the bones all come off for transport in sections.


NOTE, not long after the first dog-like animal was found, a much larger one was discovered. What this says about the old theory of mammals only being small rodents when dinosaurs filled the earth is no longer valid. Plus, you should know that a beaver-like animal fossil has now been found in China in the Jurassic sediments. This too makes the old theory of mammal evolution very outmoded.

Article and photos copyright Mt. Blanco, originally published 2006.  Re-posted August 2015

*Mt. Blanco Archives: Because of the many changes since Mt. Blanco opened in 1998, we are re-posting many of the old updates, articles, etc. that were originally on our website.  Some of the information may be out of date, but each of our archived articles are an important part of Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum’s history.


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