Morehead Bigfoot Track

Bigfoot track mooreheadSince the museum is interested in iconic creatures, such as dinosaurs and mammoths, we are also interested in investigating current creatures that are said to be myths, like “Bigfoot” and trying to figure out what people are seeing.

This is a reproduction from the original.  The original plaster cast was made by Ron Morehead in October 1972 in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California.

You can choose to order a cast made out of either plaster or plastic.  The plaster cast is significantly heavier and more fragile than the plastic cast.  If you plan to frequently move/touch it, we strongly recommend the plastic cast.

Plaster “Bigfoot” track cast $55.00 plus $20 shipping (USA)

Plastic “Bigfoot” track cast $75.00 plus $15 shipping (USA)

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