Creation Museum’s Allosaur

FINALLY SOME TRUTH!  The new Allosaur display at the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum is the one that Joe Taylor and the Mt. Blanco Museum team excavated in 2001 and 2002.  We want to thank Dr. Andrew Snelling at AiG for validating some things that Taylor has said from the very first about this Allosaur.  Those are mentioned in the Oct.-Dec. 2014 Answers Magazine issue and on the Creation Museum website.  In his article, Dr. Snelling has finally admitted that it was Dana Forbes who discovered the Allosaur, now being called Ebenezer.  Joe Taylor has maintained this from the very first and even filmed Dana Forbes in September 2001, telling in detail how he found the Allosaur in October of 2000.  The other point in this article that Dr. Snelling brings out is that the Allosaur was found lying on it’s left side.  Joe Taylor has maintained this from the very first and was filmed saying so in September 2001.

There is much more to be said about this dinosaur, but at this time it will suffice to say that the real name of this Allosaur ,which Dana Forbes found, is The Forbes Brown Dirt Allosaur, not “Ebenezer“.  The name change was made by Pete DeRosa after he took the Allosaur from the Mt. Blanco lab to Doug Phillips’ Vision Forum building.  The true name is important not only because that was the name it was given by the discoverer and Joe Taylor, but it also tells a very important fact; this Allosaur was buried in brown dirt which was brown because it was full of unpetrified plant material.  In fact, during the excavation Taylor gave a sample of the unpetrified wood the Allosaur was lying on to Dick White for Hugh Miller who had it tested for C-14 content.


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