Three Trilobites Replica

Three Trilobites (cast)
Phacops (Drotops)
Found in Cambrian group rocks
From Alluif, Morocco
David Rilling Collection
Dimensions (approximate): 15 in x 7 in x 5 in

$60 Replica plus $18 shipping

3 phaecops trilobites on one slab replica
3 phacops trilobites on one slab replica

These three phacops triolbites on one slab are excellent examples of the incredible preservation that their rapid burial has caused. One of the trilobites is enrolled. It is believed that many species did this as a defense or did so in death. Some armadillos, pill bugs (rolly-pollies) and other living species are known to do this.

It must be regarded with wonder that so many millions, if not trillions of these creatures, are preserved in detail all over the world. Because of the nature of oceans, it would be more reasonable to say that these creatures were buried alive by cataclysmic events than to say that their remains simply floated to the bottoms of the oceans eventually being covered in sediments.

In many prepared examples of trilobite slabs, it is worth noting that the animals are either flat, as though crawling, or their heads are sticking up, as though they were climbing through the mud surrounding them. Others in the same plane are enrolled as if dying, and all seem to be frozen in time.

Sudden ocean floor movement or ash fall could account for living as well as dead creatures being trapped in mud—some dying without being able to move their bodies into enrollment. The fact that these same sorts of catastrophic deaths happened all over the world points back to the Flood as the most likely explanation. If the “breakup of the fountains of the great deep” (Genesis 7:11) split the continents, it is possible that it caused a worldwide shifting of mud on the ocean floor which covered bottom dwellers such as these trilobites.

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