The Danger of Finding Noah – November 2015 Newsletter

The Danger of Finding Noah

Mt. Blanco’s Connection to the Movie

When you have gone to the trouble and expense to climb Mt. Ararat, one of the most dangerous places on earth, gone to Peru to film, ended up sick and sleeping on the floor of an airport in Mexico for several days, and returned home exhausted, then you can criticize the filmmakers for doing just that in order to make the new film, “Finding Noah”. One of Mt. Blanco’s long-time excavation partners, Aaron Judkins, did all of the above and was a critical part to seeing this movie come to fruition. And yet, two major creation organizations, Answers in Genesis (AiG) and Creation Ministries International (CMI) essentially agreed that going to Mt. Ararat in search of Noah’s Ark is a waste of time and money.

Photo credit: official website for Finding Noah movie:
Photo credit: official website for Finding Noah movie:

Joe Taylor, founder of Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum, wants it to be perfectly clear that he does not agree with this demeaning assessment of the film, Finding Noah, and that AiG and CMI have essentially said that even if Noah’s ark is found it wouldn’t convert anyone. Yet, AiG is spending tens of millions on a fake ark in the hopes of doing just that. There are a lot of good Christian people and scientists at both AiG and CMI, so Taylor was particularly disappointed that they could so easily discount the efforts of Aaron Judkins, Don Patton, and producer, Brent Baum. Taylor was not able to see the film personally, but asked Sara Bruegel to watch the theater premier and give a report on it.

Sara Bruegel says that Finding Noah is a very good film. The beginning of the film gave an overview of ark sighting legends throughout history, including how reliable or questionable each one was. It also gave the historical background of people who have searched for Noah’s ark on Ararat, the struggles they encountered, and what they did or didn’t find. Actually seeing Ararat up close on video helps give the viewer a much more personal grasp of what this mountain is really like and the challenges the team faced on this journey. They showed the methods of their search and the reasoning behind the locations they chose to investigate in addition to interviews with a wide variety of knowledgeable people. No, the team didn’t find the ark on this expedition, but in sciences like archaeology and paleontology, there’s never any guarantee that you will get that big find this time, but that doesn’t mean that potentially risky attempts in these sciences should be abandoned.
Joe Taylor

Watch a video trailer for “Finding Noah”

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