Joe Taylor’s Album Art

Three Dog Night "Cyan" Board - 6x6ft
Three Dog Night
Board – 6x6ft

Mt. Blanco Museum has a unique, one of a kind art gallery

On display are over twenty hand-painted billboards of some of the biggest recording artists of the 1970’s and 1980’s.  Joe Taylor was the top painter in three billboard companies, including his own, called “Album Art”

These original Billboards were displayed at Tower Record on Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California, and other stores such as Peaches Records and Licorice Pizza Records

***Collin Hanks, the son of actor, Tom Hanks, has just released a documentary on Tower Records, titled “All Things Must Pass”.  This is where Joe Taylor painted many of these boards.

Taylor has just finished a book, soon to be released, called “Art & Music”, detailing his life as a billboard painter and his experiences with the people featured in his paintings.  This book also gives a rare glimpse of how the boards were painted and the stories behind them.


20 – 6’X6’ oil paintings

1 – 4’x4’ oil painting

1 – 12’x32’ oil painting

Includes 2 original album covers designed and painted by Joe Taylor on billboard canvases which were photographed and used for the album cover art.

Related print ads showing when these album covers were released.

A magazine cover of Larry Norman standing beside the painting of his LP cover in Taylor’s back yard in Hollywood.

Other related print material and documents of authenticity

The collection is for sale.  Contact Mt. Blanco for more information

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