Star skull cast front view
Exact replicas are finally available of the Star Child skull! $450 plus shipping

The STAR  CHILD is one of the most famous skull discoveries of the century. Why? Go on the web and search for Lloyd Pye’s work on the Star Child and you will see. Is it really the remains of an alien? That’s what Pye concluded. He claims that the male DNA was not human. Was he right? The skull, along with that of an adult, was excavated from a cave in Mexico in the 1930s by a little girl. It eventually ended up in the care of a nurse who allowed it to be researched.

Pye died in 2013 and researchers have been trying to verify his findings. This has been difficult so, members of the paranormal research community have decided to do all the research again. Chase Kloetzke, who is one of the top UFO researchers, is heading the effort. Their first step in the new research was in Crosbyton, Texas at the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum to have Joe Taylor who is famous for molding difficult specimens in difficult circumstances and in limited time examine the skull and mold it.

Not one to miss an opportunity to aid research, Taylor also molded the skull of the adult found with the Star Child. Casts of both are now on display and for sale for $450 each.

There are over two dozen abnormal things about this skull. You can see that it had a very small face, but its skull is like a balloon. The bone, though very thin, is as hard as tooth enamel. There were strange fibers in the bone that have remained a mystery. There is much more and as research is done, Mt. Blanco will keep you posted.

As is often the problem, weather became an issue. Just as Taylor started the latex molds of the skull, an unusual level of humidity permeated the air delaying the drying time making it a real problem, and since the team was scheduled to have the skull examined at the Osteology Museum in Oklahoma City a few days later, Taylor had to accompany the team with the skull inside the still curing mold!  With just an hour till the meeting at the Osteology Museum, he had to carefully remove the latex mold from the skull in a hotel room! What did the cleaning crew make of the baby powder all over the floor and couch! Talcum powder is always used to immediately coat the newly exposed latex so that it will not stick to itself. As Taylor removed the mold, one of the team members dusted it with baby powder! As every mother knows, the powder doesn’t all stay on the baby.

Star Child skull right side view
Star Child skull right side view

A cast of the Star Child is on display at the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum, and color correct casts are now available for $450 plus $15 shipping (USA). It is strange to say the least. So if you ever wanted to examine it, these casts are the next best thing. Call 806-675-7777

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