Little Adult Humans (2005 Archive)

Little adult humans only three feet tall, are a problem for evolutionists.

Photo credit: National Geographic April 2005 Photographs by Kenneth Garrett H. floresiensis reconstruction (above) by John Gurche
Photo credit: National Geographic April 2005
Photographs by Kenneth Garrett
H. floresiensis reconstruction (above) by John Gurche

Flores, Indonesia has recently produced fossil bones of humans three feet tall.  Evolutionists are amazed.  They have decided they are 18,000 years old.  Much is being made of their “brain size.”  John Gurche, one of the absolute best painters and sculptors of fossil animals and people has sculpted his idea of how one of the women looked in life. His recreation is on the front cover of the April 2005 National Geographic.  It is stunningly realistic.  And there I will end with the compliments.

The entire article, like Gurche’s model, is based on the same blind dogma of evolution.  I just find it offensive that such a great magazine as National Geographic and such incredible talent as John Gurche’s could be so “racist”, to use the hue and cry of the NAACP.

Gurche’s female is dark brown.  She has the upper lip of an ape with no crease in the center.  Her ears are flattened to the sides of the head like an African.  But an African is not being depicted.  An ape-like hominid is.  The message is the same as that advanced in Darwin’s Origin of Species “Africans are less evolved than Europeans.”  That is the message.

Any “Origin Of The Races” based on Biblical history is completely ignored. Evolutionists apparently feel compelled to make all fossil humans “primitive”, therefore Negroid.  It is more probable that the Negroid or Hamitic race is “newer” than the Caucasian.  We don’t know what color Ham was at the time of the flood, but his descendents are the Africans of today.

Since Flores is apparently on an island that could have formed as a result of the flood, it is likely that these people came there in the last three or four thousand years, after the flood. They may even have been Blacks.  But they were not dim-witted and barely human.  Because there are fossil elephants and saber toothed cats found with them, it is likely that they lived at the same time as the rest of the so-called Pliocene/Pleistocene, about three or four thousand years ago or less.

The other illustrations in the article put ape-like heads on very well formed modern human bodies.  Why are they so small?  National Geographic strains to understand it and concludes dwarfism from living on an island must be it.  Have they ever heard of the Pygmies?  What about the Oriental people living there now?  They’re not dwarfs.  And why do artists always depict “primitive” humans with black skin, ape lips and no facial hair?  How do they know they weren’t blonde and heavily bearded?  The very natives of Flores even tell of folk tales of little hairy people.

There are lots of “Little People” stories.  I’ve spoken to Native Americans, and I know that Mexicans have stories of them, some as small as twelve inches.  I know of two stories where men 12 feet tall have been found buried with men three feet tall.*

Scientists just can’t imagine how such “primitive” people ever made it across 15 miles of water to get here.  Old-fashioned ideas die-hard.  KonTiki, KonTiki, KonTiki, fellows! Ancient people tied reeds together and crossed the ocean.

Today, illegal aliens from Cuba cross ninety miles of ocean in heavy old American cars!  Primitive people weren’t dim-witted children like some of these “big-brained” scientists imagine they were.  John Gurche, why don’t you model a little person based on the Scottish Picts, the little red-haired green-eyed people who defeated the Romans?

And what about brain size?  The article tries to link them to monkeys because they had the same sized brains.  These were little people with brains proportionate to their size. Neanderthals had bigger brains than we do.  So what’s the point? The old idea that humans have risen from little monkeys to humans, six feet tall is just nonsense.

*The giant man and the little man were found 60 miles south of Crosbyton. I’ve been to the site.

Joe Taylor,
Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum

Crosbyton, Texas


Article and photos copyright Mt. Blanco, originally published 2005.  Re-posted August 2015

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