Giant Human Femur Bone – Answering Questions

giant femur

We’ve received many questions and comments about  the giant human femur sculpture on display at the museum.  For clarification, here is Joe Taylor’s answer to this question someone asked recently:

Q: “Is it true that you made a 47 inch mold of a femur bone WITHOUT the actual bone existing? Your critics are claiming the mold was made ONLY from a email account of the “giant skeletons” in Turkey, and there is no true evidence that these skeletons actually existed. Is this true, and if it is not true, what kind of proof can you provided ? How can you even have a “museum” based only on hearsay and speculation? Do you have any REAL giant skeletons?

A: JOE TAYLOR’s response:

“It is true that I sculpted a femur 47-1/2 (120 cm) based on a report in a newsletter where it was reported on by the construction engineer who found it and other skeletons the same height. I was commissioned to sculpt the femur so a college professor could show his students how large it was. I molded it and sent him a cast. I then cast one for my museum and mounted it over a drawing of a skeleton the same size. A femur of a an ancient human was used as the guide for the sculpture. In every instance, I have told others that it is JUST A SCULPTURE. The real bone was not available. Most of these specimens are fragile and fall apart when handled by non-professionals, or they are sold or go into museum or government storage and are not available to the public. The sculpture is the same size as that of King Og mentioned in the Bible. All museums have casts of specimens as well as real bones. Some have sculptures based on reports only, as this one.
Thank you for your interest.”
Joe Taylor
Curator and artist
Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum

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