Burdick Track

The Burdick Track looks like a human track found in Glen Rose Cretaceous rock – where we also find many dinosaur footprints.  This print appears to be genuine, not carved.  It’s importance is to illustrate that dinosaurs and humans were alive at the same time, not separated by millions of years of evolution.

Burdick Track Replica
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Here’s an excerpt about this track from Joe Taylor’s book, Fossil Facts & Fantasies:

"Burdick" or "Bird" Track from Glen Rose, Tx
“Burdick” or “Bird” Track from Glen Rose, Tx

“This well-known and controversial track came to light in the 1930s.  Professor Bird studied it and Dr. Burdick as well.  It is known as the Bird or “Burdick Track”, from a Paluxy River, Glen Rose, Texas limestone formation.

Originally there were two tracks; in fact there was said to be a whole trail of them at one time.  It is unquestionably human in shape, but early on, it was declared a carving because evolutionists insisted that men and dinosaurs could not have lived at the same time.

A few years ago Dr. Baugh acquired the track for his Creation Evidence Museum and had it sectioned to see if the depressions follow the impressions . . .  they do.  In 1992, he asked [Joe Taylor] to put the Burdick back together and mold it.  While at the museum, I studied each section of the track under black light, which clarifies the laminations. At the time, [Joe Taylor] was convinced hat [he] was looking at a genuine track, not a carving

Here are some of the reasons given to say the track is not genuine: 1) too perfect; 2) too wide at toes; 3) all the digits on toes shown; 4) no mud push-ups around track’s edge; 5) humans and dinosaurs didn’t co-exist [according to evolutionists]”~ From Fossil Facts & Fantasies by Joe Taylor, pg. 74

Burdick Track Replica
$165.oo plus $20 shipping (USA)

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