Fossil Facts & Fantasies Book

$18.50 plus $5.00 shipped in US

MtBlancoCtlg8FFF_CoverL“Fossil Facts and Fantasies” is personally based on years of eyewitness research, study and excavation of fossils from many parts of the United States and elsewhere. It dispels the myth of evolution and shows demonstrable evidence for creation.

This book contains over 300 photographs and drawings displaying the evidence for the Biblical account of creation.

Joe is a multitalented individual, renowned for his ability to unearth, restore, mount and cast dinosaurs and other fossils from three-toed horses, to mammoths, to triceratops, all on display in his museum and seen in this book.

Many people have been duped into believing evolution through lack of knowledge. “Fossil Facts and Fantasies” scientifically exposes the truth. The evidence presented in this book brings the light to bear on the false claims made by evolutionists and the truth set forth in both the fossil record and the Bible.

$18.50 plus $5.00 shipped in US

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