Bonehead – Pachycephalosaurus Quadrate Replica

Bonehead Quadrate Replica

"Bonehead" Quadrate
“Bonehead” Quadrate

Cretaceous group
Lance Formation
Weston County, WY “Dragon’s Grave”
Size: 3 ½” x 4” x 3 ½”

Price: $25 plus $10 shipping (USA)


Pachycephalosaurus is unique among dinosaurs.  While in most animals the top of the skull is only a half-inch thick, theses boneheads may be up to 10 inches thick!

    The rest of the skulls consist of very fragile bones which are covered in short, stubby horns.  This quadrate comes from a part of the socket around the eye.  While it may look broken, the ragged edges are merely large sutures which connect to the bone of the massive domes.  This specimen is a dark brown and was found one mile from the “Dragon’s Grave” site.

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