Stone-Tree Houses of Texas Book

By Charles Garrett

Fossil Houses***PLEASE NOTE:  Mt. Blanco does NOT endorse the evolutionary ideas of millions of years presented in this book!  These fossil are better explained by a recent, rapid, catastrophic preservation during (and shortly after) the Biblical global flood. We believe that the petrified wood  and other fossils are only a few thousand years old, according to the Biblical timeline.  This book is good for learning about the historical architecture of Texas and appreciate a fascinating way to display fossils.  ****

$40.00 plus $3 shipping (USA)

This beautiful coffee-table book is full of pictures of houses and other structures built with petrified wood around Texas.

In the author’s words:

“The intention of this book is to introduce readers to examples of a little know and largely unrecognized vernacular art form created mainly during the 1930’s and mainly in Texas: the use of petrified wood, mineral samples and other colorful and unusual stones in a variety of masonry constructions.  A few houses constructed with fossil wood have been found in he adjoining border areas of Louisiana and Oklahoma and one or two other states but all indications are that the epicenter o this phenomenon was Texas”

$40.00 plus $3 shipping (USA)

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