Incredible Blue Tusked Mammoth


LeakBlueTuskPartiamMamoth4 sale9-3-14SmallCoppedThis partial female mammoth from the frozen tundra of Alaska has two beautiful, complete tusks that are over six feet long.  She was found with her lower jaws and a partial skull with several partial leg bones, vertebra, and other bones. 

These mammoths were apparently all buried alive in some fantastic catastrophe that covered them in several dozen feet of volcanic ash, dust, and frozen water, creating the tundra of Alaska.   The amazing fact that these once white ivory tusks can turn a beautiful powder blue is due to the vivonite in the volcanic ash.  Most of the bones are various shades of brown, but in some cases the vivonite invades event he large leg bones, creating a deep, dark blue color.

How so many millions of these huge mammoths and other mammals, such as buffalo, sloth, and horse,  is one of the great mysteries of paleontology for evolutionists as well as creationists. 

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