Blue Mammoth Tusks (2006 Archive)


Through the mysterious process of mineralization, many tusks have been turned from white to blue in Alaska.

We have restored several of these beautiful wonders of nature for collectors and museums.




If you would like to own a real Woolly Mammoth tusk that has been turned to a beautiful blue, please let us know. We can also get matched sets.


Single tusks range in price from $5,000 to $12,000depending on availability, weight, length and condition.


One of our specialties is magnetized restoration. Let us explain. Many times, these tusks are damaged by the mining operations where they are sometimes found. In other cases, they are damaged when ice cliffs fall, breaking them. These are often found this way by the Eskimo villagers who trade them for supplies. Instead of permanently adding the restoration to the fossil, we sculpt it exactly like real tusk and magnetize it. This allows one to show how the tusk looked before and after restoration.

SIBERIAN MAMMOTH TUSKS are now available too.

Article and photos copyright Mt. Blanco, originally published 2006.  Re-posted August 2015

*Mt. Blanco Archives: Because of the many changes since Mt. Blanco opened in 1998, we are re-posting many of the old updates, articles, etc. that were originally on our website.  Some of the information may be out of date, but each of our archived articles are an important part of Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum’s history.

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