Mastodon Missing His Head

April 2015

2015-03 BurningTree with Sara and DMikkelson

How can a mastodon lose a head that big?!

Only at Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum would a mastodon skull disappear.   BUT there’s really no mystery . . .

It all has to do with the fact that Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum is currently working on a huge mastodon skull, which will be the 13th fossil elephant skull that we have restored.  Since Mt. Blanco has complete specimen of two mastodon skulls as well as two mammoth skulls individuals or institutions send their most challenging restoration projects to us.  For the current project we removed the skull, shoulder blades, and tusks from our famous Burning Tree Mastodon display in order to figure out where the pieces of our giant “puzzle” should go.

The huge mastodon we are currently restoring was completely crushed by steam engines and a team of draft horses in the 1920’s which unknowingly ran over it in a peat bog in Indiana.  The hundreds of skull fragments, some the size of a pecan and others as big as a person’s arm, had to be thoroughly examined and sorted into the three categories; face and tusk bones, top of the head (cranium, consisting of sinuses that resemble a honeycomb), and flattened bones belonging to the rest of the skull.  When as many small pieces could be glued back together, we then began to assemble those into larger pieces, just like putting a jigsaw puzzle together.  But, in our case, many of the pieces were destroyed or pushed so far down into the mud of the peat bog that many are missing, leaving us with the problem of figuring out correct placement of fragments that don’t connect anywhere else.

L-R: Joe Taylor, David Rives, and Sara Bruegel
L-R: Joe Taylor, David Rives, and Sara Bruegel

Joe Taylor and Sara J. Bruegel of Mt. Blanco appeared on Creation in the 21st Century TV show with David Rives on Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) channel.  Watch the online archive video of their first show to air below

“Rapid Burial Proves a Worldwide Catastrophe” Episode

Giants Book CoverGiants, transhumanism, UFOs, Aliens, and hybrid animals are now hot-topics on the web;  all were covered in Joe Taylor’s book, Giants Against Evolution, which shows that people and animals, such as the enormous mastodon we’re currently working on are not getting bigger or more complex, contradicting the story of evolution

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