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Tracking Dinosaurs

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August 2015

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Molding a Glen Rose Acrocanthosaurus footprint L-R: Sara Bruegel, David Rives, and Joe Taylor. Photo Credit David Rives Ministries:
Making footprint replicas with Dr. Carl Baugh and David Rives

It was a great treat for the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum Team to again be working in the Paluxy river bed with Dr. Carl Baugh, founder of the Creation Evidence Museum and TBN’s highly popular TV show, Creation in the 21st Century.  We were there during Creation Evidence Museum’s annual 4th of July excavations to film with the current host of Creation in the  21st Century, David Rives.  Our purpose in being there was to show how to replicate a track in the limestone layers of Glen Rose, Texas.

We specifically chose one of the numerous Acrocanthosaurus footprints to make a latex rubber mold of.  The reason we chose latex rubber is that it captures incredible detail and does no damage to the fossil footprint.  The advantage of using latex is that once the newly made mold is pulled away from the original fossil, it can be used immediately to make an accurate replica in plaster while still at the dig site.  Furthermore, the mold can used to created many lightweight, portable casts for display, study, or presentations in talks.  One of the largest reproductions Mt. Blanco has made of these dinosaur tracks was 4 feet square. The actual limestone block containing these tracks can be seen at Ken Ham’s Creation Museum in Kentucky.

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Glen Rose Acrocanthosaurus track replica
Glen Rose Acrocanthosaurus track replica

Mt. Blanco Museum has made many replicas of various tracks at Glen Rose, including the controversial human-like tracks found with dinosaur tracks.  We’re offering this reproduction of one of these tracks, molded several years ago, as seen in Joe Taylor’s book, Fossil Facts & Fantasies (pg. 76).
Dimensions (Whole replica):
24 in long x 20 in wide x 5.5 in deep
More info here
$120.00 plus $30 shipping in USA

***Last 2015 Mt. Blanco Summer Kids’ Workshop! ***
Tuesday, August 11  
10am ~or~ 2pm start
Topic: “Wonders of Weather”
Kids learn about the science behind our weather: clouds, scientific tools, storm systems, severe weather, and more.  Hands on educational activities, including a brief demo  with a small tornado simulator.
Workshop fee, ages 6-12: $10 per child or $8 each for two or more siblings
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