Fabulous Fossil Show – March 2016 Newsletter

Largest Fossil Show in the World

Mt. Blanco staff including, Joe Taylor, Sara Bruegel, and David Mikkelson went to the Tuscon fossil & mineral show in early February 2016

Among the dozens of giant tents and motels all over Tuscon, Arizona, one of the most exciting things we saw was the display of the real bones of Torvosaurus, nicknamed “Elvis” by its excavators.  This very large dinosaur is similar to an Allosaurus or Tyranosaurus but it has a strikingly beautiful head, which is longer and more graceful head than either of the two.

This was especially exciting to us because one of our digging partners, Aaron Judkins, found a perfectly preserved shed tooth of another Torvosaurus at our dig site just a few miles away from where this one was found.  The site where the displayed Torvosaurus is also just around the corner from the Allosaur that the Mt. Blanco team excavated in 2002, which is now displayed in the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum in Kentucky.

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Sara J. Bruegel with David Rives on upcoming Creation in the 21st Century show
Sara J. Bruegel with David Rives on upcoming Creation in the 21st Century show

Watch the archived video of “Dinosaurs and the Global Flood” episode of Creation in the 21st Century, featuring Mt. Blanco staff member, Sara J. Bruegel


Read more about the filming here

MtBlancoCtlg7LgTyloSkullAndJawLThis panel-mounted replica of a Kansas Tylosaur skull is made and sold by Mt. Blanco. This Tylosaurus proriger skull specimen was 90% complete. On our website, read more about this skull and how you can get your own replica


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