Meet “Cinnamon”!

This skull was sent to me to be analyzed, molded, and reproduced on a very tight deadline.  I told the caretaker that it looked like a Paracas skull I had molded in Peru.  And it had no Sagittarius suture, but several Inca bones.  

The original skull was featured on the show Ancient Aliens.  If you would like to see the episode where it was featured you can use the two links below.

Ancient Aliens S12E06 Jared (High Res) 1,077 MB

Ancient Aliens S12E06 Jared (Low Res) 311 MB

Ancient Aliens said Cinnamon was a 12 to 15 yr old Scot! Joe Taylor asked Collins why the anthropologist said that. He replied, “I don’t know.” Joe said it was a 17 year-old with shoveled-out front teeth similar to North American Indians. LA Marzulli said the DNA was Egypt – India. His new film about this will be out in November. He may have more information: On the Trail of the Nephilim #6 DNA – The Final Results

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cinamon left side
cinamon front

Cinnamon cast left side

Cinnamon Skull vs. Normal Skull 
Giorgio Tsoukalos and real Cinnamon skull at laboratory.
Giorgio Tsoukalos and Jared Collins owner of Cinnamon with real skull at DNA lab NYC.
“Cinnamon lower jaw with worn back molars. Too worn for this 17 year old.”
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