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King Kong Gets Loose – Scares Natives Again!

Jurassic World

Joe Taylor working on Jurassic fossils during a Colorado dig in the late 90's
Joe Taylor working on Jurassic fossils during a Colorado dig in the late 90’s

The new movie, Jurassic World, proves that old movie stories are still winners.  The CGI (Computer generated images) are very believable and combined with excellent models gives the viewer a sense of reality.  Thankfully, the viewer is spared the current popular depiction of dinosaurs covered in feathers.

One of the ideas that evolutionists promote as “proof” of evolution is that dinosaurs supposedly evolved into birds.  The fossil bird, Archaeopteryx, has long been hailed as a transitional form between dinosaurs and birds because it has feathers but a long, bony tail, claws on its wings, and teeth.  However, some living hummingbirds have teeth, and some juvenile ostriches  also have claws on their wings.

In the movie, Jurassic World, typical of most disaster movies, the human stories are never as believable as the dinosaurs.   Like the ones before it, a multi-billion dollar successful business is completely destroyed by a couple of idiots.

Colorado Jurassic dinosaur dig
Colorado Jurassic dinosaur dig

Another unrealistic part of the film is that they made it look like dinosaurs were now so common as to have become boring so they have to create genetically modified monsters, which ultimately destroy the park. Yet, there are some twenty thousand people a day in the park coming to see them.  This is like saying zoos should have become boring a hundred years ago.

The worst thing about the movie is the continual reference to evolution and millions of years as being a fact, which we here at Mt. Blanco think is both unbiblical and unscientific.

Joe Taylor


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